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Join us at the historic First Parish Meetinghouse, 7 Meetinghouse Road.

All events will take place at the First Parish Meetinghouse at 7 Meetinghouse Road in Biddeford, except the Saco River cruises.

Any changes to the calendar will be made public on facebook and here.

Donations from non-members (members have already made a yearly contribution) gratefully accepted for the work of Biddeford Historical Society, including preservation of our community's Meetinghouse-its oldest public building.

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2023 Completed Season Events

Thank you for joining us this season. We look forward to seeing you next season.

November 11 – Saturday - 1:00 pm: Veterans Day Annual Celebration

October 11 – Wednesday - 6:30 pm: Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Barbara Walsh will share stories about her journalism career and her books. A longtime reporter, Barbara has written several books about extraordinary Maine people. She also wrote August Gale: A Father and Daughter's Journey into the Storm, a dramatic story about her Newfoundland ancestors caught out to sea in a 1935 hurricane. FMI on Barbara: Barbara Walsh | Author & Journalist

September 19 - Tuesday - 6:30 pm: An Evening with the Spirits of Wood Island Lighthouse at the First Parish Meetinghouse. Presented by Friends of the Wood Island Lighthouse. The New England Ghost Project will present their team's recent ghost hunt. For more information, go to

September 16 & 17 - Saturday & Sunday - 1:00 pm: Presentation of “Liberty Defended” with City Theatre at the Meetinghouse. $10 suggested donation. Click for more info.

September 13 – Wednesday - 6:30 pm: Presentation on the earliest distribution transactions of land and deeds (particularly by William Phillips) of the area of the lower Saco River Valley by Bruce Tucker, President of the Alfred Historical Society

September 6 - Wednesday - 10:00 am: Saco River Cruise. Click for more info. SOLD OUT

August 23 - Wednesday - 10:00 am: Saco River Cruise. Click for more info.

August 22 - Tuesday – 6:30 pm: Presentation on the history of the Inns of Coastal Biddeford

August 15 - Tuesday – 6:30 pm: Presentation in collaboration with the Hills Beach Association by Diane Lefebvre - Hills Beach Land Ownership

August 9 - Wednesday - 10:00 am: Saco River Cruise. Click for more info.

August 5 – Saturday - 6:30 pm: Presentation by the Cemetery Committee – Concentration on the family graves and earliest citizens of Lower Biddeford

July 27 – Thursday - 6:30 pm: Presentation on the Mills of Biddeford by Board Member, Dan Leblond

July 26 - Wednesday - 10:00 am: Saco River Cruise. Click for more info.

July 22 - Saturday – 1:00 pm: Independence Celebration of the reading of portions of the Declaration of Independence, and Reading of the Biddeford High School Annual Biddeford History Essay Contest winners

July 11 - Tuesday – 6:30 pm: Presentation on “Myths and Reality in our History” by Board Member, Paul McDonough

July 6 - Thursday - 10:00 am: Saco River Cruise. Click for more info.

June 28 - Wednesday - 10:00 am: Saco River Cruise. CANCELED

June 7 – Wednesday - 6:30 pm: Presentation on the “Churches of Biddeford” by Board Member, Dan Lamontagne. If you missed it, watch it on YouTube.

May 20 – Saturday – 1:00 pm: Annual Members’ Meeting

May: Planting of the Heritage Garden in the fashion of our Native American Ancestors. Following the last full moon.

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